Live music for your very special event

When only a real band will suffice

Are you having a wedding? Bar or Bat Mitzvah? Dance Party? Reunion? ...

Living Stereo, the Band, is a real live six-piece band that plays in the grand tradition of party bands. Instead of a DJ, why not provide your guests with the unparalleled listening and dancing experience of a live band. Living Stereo plays all styles of music, including ballroom dancing, swing, Latin, Klezmer, Dixieland, pop, and rock. These are the finest LA area musicians, each dedicated to playing the kind of party music that used to be the norm for such occasions.

Contact Dr. Les Deutsch for further information at (818) 773-9571 or send email.

The following short mp3 samples are examples of Living Stereo, The Band's live sound. These samples are meant for personal use only may only be reproduced with the permission of Living Stereo, the Band.

Swing standard
Light rock
Swing standard
Polish Polka
Polka waltz, traditional Russian melody
Slow Yiddush waltz
Concert Band Music
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