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Rodgers 945 Organ For Sale


I am selling my Rodgers 945 Digital Organ. I was the original owner of this instrument, which I purchased in 1991 just after using a similar one at Caltech Commencement, where I played for the first President George Bush, our commencement speaker. This was the top-of-the-line in the Rodgers catalog when the Parallel Digital Imaging (PDI) organs were released. The organ has remained in my home, in my living room, since 1991 with the exception of 18 months when it was in the living room of a rental house following the Northridge Earthquake. My house was damaged and we did extensive repairs and upgrades. The organ was not damaged in the earthquake, apart from a few scratches that I had repaired when we moved back into our house.

Here is the original brochure that Rodgers published when the organ was new. It contains all the specifications. This is comprehensive American Classic organ.

The 945 is configured in my home for seven of its eight audio channels. However, I am not selling the speakers with the instrument as these are installed in a loft and will be used with my new, larger Rodgers organ. Since the amplifiers for all channels are already in the console, you can easily add your own speakers.

The organ is being sold on consignment with Church Keyboard Center, my local Rodgers Organ Dealership. Please contact them for all serious inquiries. Their phone number is (800) 717 - KEYS and you can send email to info@churchkeyboard.com. You can send me questions about the organ, but I am not handling the sale.

The console is very high-quality, built with real hardwoods. The finish is a dark walnut. The keyboards are wooden and the touch is perfect for simulating an electro-pneumatic instrument. There is a comprehensive MIDI implementation and the organ makes a perfect Hauptwerk controller. There are even eight extra controls that are wired to MIDI and can be used as additional stops. I often use these to control a virtual Solo division.

Here are a few photos of the organ. You can click on any of these photos to get a full-resolution version.