The Ka-Band

The Only Band With Both a Subscript and a Hyphen in its Name!

Straight Ahead Jazz for Any Occasion

A perfect choice for your party, the Ka-Band is a jazz quartet that plays many styles, all of them tastefully with an acoustic presence reminiscent of the great bebop groups of the 1950s and 60s. Our repetoir includes tunes from all the great bands of the era as well as contemporary and original compositions.


Ed Baroth Leader, Bass
John Brugman Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Les Deutsch Piano
Jey Giuliano Drums, Flute

"You may hear a better band,
but you won't hear a smarter one!"

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The term Ka-Band refers to a set of radio frequencies that have been allocated for communication with future spacecraft in deep space - around 32 GHz. Just as the radio frequency is helping space exploration into the next generation, the Ka-Band ensemble is moving jazz into new directions - by reaching to classic bebop and shaping it for the future. But don't take our word for it, listen to these full-length recordings from our CD, Phase Locked and Tracking, and then email Ed Baroth to find out more or hire the Ka-Band for your own occasion. You can also reach Dr. Ed the old fashioned way by phone at (818) 363-2387
Jazz Rock,
Free Jazz Waltz
Jazz (by Les Deutsch)
Jazz Waltz
Jazz Ballad
6/8 Latin
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