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Les' Links

Here are a few of my favorite web links.

Arndt Organ Supply Company Makers of fine specialty parts for theater organs.
Artisan Organ Company The descendant of the company that built my theater organ console - and the current maker of parts and kits for organs.
Elliot Deutsch Big Band A contemporary big band, led by my son Elliot. They play all original compositions and arrangements and have a great CD.
Evensong Music Jonathan Orwig's site, including the Schantz Organ sample set he developed for Hauptwerk.
Hauptwerk Premier software system for simulating pipe organs.
Hauptwerk.cz Jiri Zurek's site for organ sample sets he has developed for Hauptwerk.
jOrgan Open source project for simulating pipe organs.
Ka-Band Best straight-ahead jazz band ever (I'm a bit biased).
Keymedia Productions Neil Jensen's fine theater organ samples for use with the Hauptwerk software system.
Kjerstin Williams Fine jazz vocalist, robotics engineer, and fellow Caltech alum.
Klann Organ Supplies Company Longtime supplier of parts for pipe and electronic organs.
Lavender Audio Developers of English organ sample sets for Hauptwerk.
Living Stereo My own six-piece band for parties and dances.
Night Blooming Jazzmen Best Dixieland band ever (I'm a bit biased).
Organ Supply Industries Supplier of parts for pipe and electronic organs, including Reisner stop action magnets.
Raymond Scott The official web space devoted to the American composer Raymond Scott.
Raymond Scott Archives Source for Raymond Scott sheet music (including my own transcriptions).
Rodgers Instruments In my opinion, the finest maker of electronic concert organs today - and the maker of the organ in my living room.